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Freelance electronics design
Oakland, California
Contact: jesse@celestialaudio.com

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”    ~Thomas Edison

High channel count DMX LED dimmer packs for sale!
Two commercial spinoffs of client projects.  Every unit is tested and supported by the engineer who designed it.  Ask me questions about your application!

ATTENTION: as of march 2016 I can only sell to existing customers due to lack of time for customer support.  Thanks for your understanding.

DMX LED Hardware main page

32 channels @ 8 amps DMX LED dimmer pack: this board controls 32 LED clusters/strips (or anything DC powered) of up to 48V @ 8 Amps each.  Beefy!

(Discontinued) 48 channels @ 20 to 80mA DMX LED dimmer pack: this board controls 48 LEDs (single LEDs or several in series) at 20 to 80mA each, with no current-limiting resistor needed.

Project Portfolio     Some of at least 50 completed in the past 8 years finally being documented on-line:

Large-scale custom-designed LED installations:

Opened May 13 2010:
A newly renovated nightclub in the UK has a 10,000 RGB LED installation
that was built entirely with electronics I custom designed!
all the details

Opened Dec 3 2009:
Louis Vuitton CityCenter at the Crystals, Las Vegas: 4000 LED façade, custom designed electronics.
News flash!  Winner of
the Paul Waterbury award for outdoor lighting design for 2010!
all the details

Pro Audio:  (in order of sophistication)

4 channel
mic preamp and A/D converter for surround sound recording, battery powered portable
    (Keywords: Xilinx FPGA, VHDL, PIC 18F, C, USB, Audio Precision)

2 channel
mic preamp and A/D converter, battery powered portable

Phantom power
2 channel P48V unit, battery powered portable

Headphone Amp and DAC high performance headphone amp and D/A converter, battery powered portable

DMX and LED related:

Controllers and display drivers (no LEDs), in order of sophistication

Leoplayer: Ethernet and SecureDigital card file playback to DMX and custom RS-485 installations
    (Keywords: MC9S12NE64, HCS12, Ethernet, TCP/IP, LCD, SD, dc/dc, DMX, C, Imagecraft ICC12, NoICE)

DMX 16-AC: 16 channel DMX controlled 3500W AC light switcher
    (Keywords: RS-485 Isolation, PIC18F442, Solid-state relay, C)

DMX 32-DC: 32 channel DMX controlled LED / 10-Amp LED cluster dimmer
    (Keywords: RS-485 Isolation, PIC18F442, NFET, C, Sotware PWM)

Displays (LEDs and electronics on same board), in order of sophistication

144 RGB: a 9" x 9" grid of 12 x 12 RGB 10mm LEDs, DMX controlled
    (Keywords: DMX, Multiplex, PFET, TLC5940, PIC 18F2520, C, high current)

bm2006: 25 RGB 10mm LED 9V battery powered wearable for burningman 2006 (also with RS-485 control)
    (Keywords: DMX, Multiplex, PFET, TLC5940, PIC 18F2520, C, portable)

Hive: 25 LED RS-485 controlled board (each LED individually dimmable) in a 192 unit installation
    (Keywords: RS-485, TLC5940, PIC 18F252, C)

bm2005: 16 white 10mm LED 9V battery powered wearable for burningman 2005 (also with RS-485 control)
    (Keywords: RS-485, TLC5940, PIC 18F2520, C, portable)

bm2004: 25 orange 5mm LED 9V battery powered wearable for burningman 2004
    (Keywords: PIC 18F442, NFET, C, portable)

DMX splitter, 8-way, world's smallest I'm sure

Also see the pile of miscellaneous projects, many involve blinking things, if you're into that kinda stuff.  (who isn't?)

Other:  (in order of sophistication)

(many more documented...eventually)

wirelessly controllable mp3 player using Smartmedia flash memory & rechargeable li-ion battery
    (Keywords: PIC18LF6720, STA013, dc/dc, Linx HPIII, 900Mhz, MIDI, Smartmedia, FAT12, C)

PICBasic programmable
: general-purpose control board for onesies of custom random art+tech stuff
    (Keywords: PIC18F4620, RS-485, NFET, Potentiometer, C, PicBasic)

Many other things: projects too small to warrant their own webpage.  I've done a lot of miscellany
    (Keywords: PIC 18F, PIC 16F, C, Assembler, MIDI, EL wire, triac, xenon strobe lights, RS-485, DMX splitter)

Ancient things.

The "WaveFix" Freebie Software (DOS)

Windows 95 / DOS / PC Hardware tips and tricks for audio work (in case you are stuck in 1996)

personal misc junk-ola