High channel count DMX dimmer "packs" for LEDs

Celestial Audio manufactures hardware for dimming control of LEDs through DMX.  These products allow for the first time cost-effective high channel count installations of single LEDs or LED clusters/strips/bars (up to 8 Amps), controlled from any DMX signal source.  Lighting consoles, standalone DMX sequence players, small embedded computers, laptops, anything that can produce DMX can control a lighting installation of nearly any scale.

Drawing upon years of custom electronics and installation designs, these two products target high-power LED clusters/strips (or any DC powered device - motors, solenoids, EL wire inverters, lasers, etc.) and single to several LEDs per channel low-power designs.

Unlike many pro-lighting distributors these products are designed, manufactured, and supported by Celestial Audio in the USA.  Advice and consultation for your particular application and customized variations of these products can be designed.

DMX-32 (version 2):

DMX32 V2

For high-current (up to 8 amps per channel!) applications, the 32-channel DMX-32 V2 is available for $299.  This board can run thousands of LEDs as well as anything DC powered.  For high efficiency, low-heat, long-life lighting LEDs are unmatched, and a single board can run 32 high wattage monochrome clusters/strips/bars or 10 high wattage RGB clusters/strips/bars with smooth, precise color mixing and theatre-quality dimming.

DMX-48 (version 2):  discontinued March 22 2011, however a limited quantity of used units are available at discounted price, please inquire:


For low-current (20mA per channel) applications with one to several LEDs per channel, the 48-channel DMX-48 is available for $199 (discontinued).  This board is ideally suited for small-scale displays that need many separately controlled LEDs.  Run 16 RGB LEDs from one board!  Simple wiring and simple power requirements make this great for sophisticated accent lighting and interactive displays.

For more information and specifications including wiring diagrams for each of boards please see their respective webpages.

General DMX / LED information

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?  Questions about LEDs, power supplies, wiring, and DMX control hardware and software?  Looking for suppliers for various parts of your project?  An ever-expanding collection of resources is below.  Please ask questions!

Power supplies

High-current DC supplies typically needed for installations using the DMX32:

Low-current DC supplies for use with the (discontinued) DMX48 - either cube plugged into the wall style "wall-warts" or laptop-style "tabletop supplies" - can be obtained from many places.  Note that inexpensive "wall warts" may have an unregulated output, the the output voltage can be several volts higher than specified.  These are not recommended.

LED sources

LEDs are available in a fairly incredible variety of form factors and power levels.  Creating LED lights from single LEDs requires a bit of knowledge of forward voltage drop range, current limiting, and series/parallel wiring.  There are numerous pre-made LED lights that run directly from a specified voltage (often 12V), for these just hook them up and go.  If you have a particular LED you'd like to use, email for advice.

LED technical

DMX equipment sources: computer interfaces, software, standalone DMX players, consoles, etc.

DMX technical : wiring, recommended practices, etc.

DMX setup howto/walkthroughs and D.I.Y. sources for the electronically / programatically inclined