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Everyone likes free stuff.  Here's what we have to offer you.

But first, this important notice:

This software is licensed to the end user free of charge.  By using this
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This software is provided as-is, with no warranty.  Celestial Audio is
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Now that we have the legal stuff out of the way...
(Note.  All programs are MS-DOS, and run from the command prompt.
No time or inclination to create a nice Windows app...)

Wavefix (v. 1.2) .wav file "fixer"
This program operates on a stereo 16-bit .wav file (or any file).
It reads the .wav header, and indicates if it is valid.
It allows the sample rate stored in the header to be changed.
It allows the pre-emphasis bit as used by the Zefiro Acoustics ZA-1 to be changed.
It optionally removes trailing digital silence from the file.

The motivation for Wavefix to repair the invalid .wav files generated by the
ZA-1 recdat program when the hard disk becomes full, or when the
pre-emphasis flag is stored incorrectly (due to a change of emphasis just
as a recording starts).

WARNING. Wavefix assumes the .wav file is a "vanilla" 16-bit
stereo PCM file, as is produced by the aforementioned recdat program.
That means, no ancillary data (like creation date, keywords, etc.) is stored
in the .wav file.  While Wavefix will operate just fine on such a file, or any
file for that matter, the ancillary data may be deleted or corrupted.
You have been warned.

Performance tip.  The optional removal of trailing silence can take
considerable time.  Running Wavefix from a "DOS Box" in Windows 95
will result in significantly faster trimming.  Also, the trimming of the trailing
silence can be interrupted at any time by pressing ESC.

Wavefix has been tested under DOS 6.22 and Windows 95.

Download instructions
Save the following 16K executable somewhere on your computer.
Open a command prompt ("DOS Box").
"cd" to where you saved it.  Like: "cd c:\temp".
Type: "wavefix c:\temp\try.wav" to operate on .wav file c:\temp\try.wav.

 Wavefix.exe (16K)

Recommended: use Wavefix on an unimportant "junk" .wav file to get
the hang of it before using it on a "real" .wav file.  Remember, Celestial
Audio is not responsible for any problems or damages arising from the
use of Wavefix.

(Like it?  Hate it?  Want a new feature?  Send us your comments.)