32 channel DMX dimmer pack for LEDs (or anything DC powered)

PLEASE NOTE: this has been replaced by a Version 2

This board is for sale!

Board size: 5.5" x 3.5", with 5 holes for 6-32 screws; a set of 5 1/4" standoffs are provided.  There are 4 holes at the corners and one near the middle, at 3.325" x 1.7" relative to lower left corner.

Top view:
(top view)

Feature set:

Since this board is intended to be installed in an enclosure with other equipment, and wiring requirements are highly dependent on the installation, there is no case provided and the DMX connection is with a terminal block instead of a bulky 3 or 5-pin XLR.  See wiring diagram below for details.

This design is a significant revision of a client project that has been working well for years, but now physically smaller, less expensive to produce, and 90% faster PWM refresh rate.

The basic operation is that this board switches the negative of your LED clusters to the LED power supply's ground.  This is called low-side switching, and is the most common way things like this are done, since it is simpler, cheaper, and a little more efficient than switching the positive of the LED clusters (called high-side switching). 

The wiring diagram is here.  Some notes about the wiring:
PLEASE NOTE: this has been replaced by a Version 2


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