Accessories for the DMX32 32 channel DMX dimmer "pack"

Here are two useful accessories for building large-scale, high power installations with the DMX32.  I recommend using either of these or your own fuse arrangement in all installations, but strongly recommend fuses for any installation over 15amps (180watts @ 12V, 360watts @ 24V) total power or any installation subject to occasional uninstall/re-installation or weather.

ATTENTION: as of march 2016 I can only sell to existing customers due to lack of time for customer support.  Thanks for your understanding.

Accessory #1: Per-channel fuse block ("FUSE-PERCHAN-32")

This wires a standard automotive mini-blade fuse in-line with every channel on the DMX32.  This protects the DMX32's NFET transistors if there is a short circuit from miswiring or LED strip/fixture failure.

Top view, mounted on a DMX32:

Closeup side view, mounted on a DMX32:
[side view]

Features and notes:
Price: $45 per pair, including fuses of your specified rating plus several spares, installed and tested on your DMX32.  As these are hand-made to order, there is no discount for quantity.

If you want to save some money, I am happy to provide the two pcbs for free with each DMX32, and you can order and install the parts yourself.  The soldering is easy!  You will need:
  1. Quantity 32 fuseholders: BK-6013-ND or 3544-2K-ND, or 534-3544-2
  2. Quantity 32 fuses: 5-amp: F989-ND, 10-amp F991-ND, or 5-amp 576-0297005.WXNV, 10-amp 576-0297010.WXNV, or buy from ebay or local automotive parts store.
  3. Quantity 2 16-pin headers: 277-1659-ND or 651-1933325
  4. Quantity 4 nylon standoffs: 885K-ND or 534-885.  These are slightly taller than the 1/4" standoffs provided with the DMX32, since the fuseblock pcb rides a little above the DMX32 pcb.

Accessory #2: Fuse-protected power distribution block ("FUSE-POWERDIST-8")

This distributes current from the +V output on your power supply to 8 separate feeds to connect to LED strips.  Each feed has its own fuse.  The pcb is 1.5" x 3.75" pcb with a 3-parallel-input terminal block (30amps each input, 10-30 AWG wire), an 8-output terminal block (20amps each output, 10-30 AWG wire), and 8 mini automotive fuses protecting each output.  5 mounting holes for #6 screws.  32V maximum, 20 amps per output maximum, total maximum overall current 90 amps.

Price: $30 each, including fuses of your specified rating (5, 10, 15, 20amp) plus some spares.  Here are pics of the prototype, the final design is in stock but website pics not updated yet:

[distblock top][disttop front][distblock back]

Mechanical drawing.  Click for larger version:
mech drawing small

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