Getting pcb version 1.6.3 to compile on Redhat 7.2 Linux.

(the current alpha, 1.7.3, has more bugs than I want to deal with, but was an easier compile/install)
pcb homepage

Read the INSTALL in README_FILES directory.
Following directions...

STEP 1 - edit config.h:

change GNUM4 to /usr/bin/m4    

change PCBLIBDIR to $(LIBDIR)/pcb  
(The default, /home/cad/lib/pcb, makes little sense, to me at least.  This puts the lib files in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/pcb)

STEP 2 - xmkmf -a

STEP 3 - You should do this, and even though you get errors here, you get fewer errors later.
cd doc ; make
cd src ; make

STEP 4 - not applicable for me

STEP 5 - do a "make"
Now I get an error about target "".  But!  Keep going, this is the important part.
type "make" again.  Now gcc will make your pcb executable.

STEP 6/7 - cd src ; ./ ../example/68HC11
Voila.  pcb is working.

STEP 8 - su root, make install.
And it all should be working.

Since there isn't a "make uninstall", manually remove:
directory /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/pcb

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